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Добро пожаловать в клуб друзей по переписке!
Здесь размещены анкеты тех, кто хочет найти новых друзей. Если Вы хотите вступить в наш клуб, пришлите, пожалуйста, информацию о себе по адресу:

В письме обязательно укажите: имя, город, возраст, интересы, контактную информацию 
(e-mail, телефон, адрес - по выбору). Кроме этого, Вы можете указать, с кем Вам было бы особенно интересно общаться - возраст, интересы и т.п.
Надеемся, с нашей помощью Вы найдете новых друзей!

Welcome to our pen-pals club!
Here you will find the ads of those people wishing to make friends. If you want to see your ad among them, please, send us the letter by the e-mail address:
Please, give us the following information, which will help people to associate with you: your name, city, age, interests (hobbies), contact information (e-mail, phone number (including country and area code), address - whichever you choose). Besides, you can stipulate the age and interests of people you would like to make friends with.
We hope our club will help you to find new friends!



Paul Khoroshilov
Name: Paul Khoroshilov
City: Konakovo
Age: Birthsday, 1976
Interests: Music, Web design, Internet Tehnologies
Contacts : e-mail
About myself: You may hear having visitted my personal home page, to 

Name: Larry Wright
City: Menomonie, Wisconsin, USA from May 1 to October 1; Naples, Florida, USA from October 1 to May 1
Age: Birthday, 1923
Interests: Rotary, travel, Sister City communication, digital camera and computer  photography, taking pictures of Florida birds.
Contacts : e-mail ,Phone numbers:  Menomonie, 715-235-3975 (May 1 to October 1) Naples, 239-213-0291 (Oct. 1 to May 1), Address:  801 29th Avenue NE #1, Menomonie, WI 54751-1062 (May 1 to October 1) 675 12th Avenue South, Naples, FL 34102-8003
About myself: Would like to communicate with anyone from Konakovo

not photo
Name: Nikolai Poluskin
City: Konakovo
Age: Birthday, 1958
Job: Resort Complex Zavidovo under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Marketing Department - incentive tours) Interests: Job, Rotary, friends, optimism (hi to Dennis Spader)
Contacts : e-mail: , phone: 7 - 095 - 937- 99 - 42
About myself: Warm greetings to all my friends in Menomonie!!!

not photo
Name: Barbara Anderson
City: Menomonie
Age: Birthday, 1950
Job: I own a Bed and Breakfast and work as a Learning Therapist at Northwest Reading Clinic.
Contacts : e-mail:
About myself: My interests are, gardening, raising sheep, spinning, knitting, weaving, sewing and other hand crafts. I also like outdoor activities and the martial arts.

not photo
Name: Natalia Yakovleva
City: Konakovo
Age: Birthday, 1980
Interests: English, music, dances, plant growing, animals, travelling.
Contacts : e-mail:
About myself: I would like to find a pen-pal of the similar age having various interests and willing to find a friend in Russia.

not photo
Name: Andrey Semenov
City: Konakovo
Age: Birthday, 1964
Interests: Rotary, Sister-City Communication.
Contacts : e-mail:
About myself: Warm greetings and health for all friend!

not photo
Name: Koziricki Aleksandr
City: Konakovo, Russian Federation
Age:  34 years
Founder of "21 century" realty agency and "LuxInterStroy" building firm. 
Contacts :;;
 7 08242 46919; 44773, website: 
Interests: Sport, literature

not photo
Name: Cara Schroeder
City: I served in Konakovo as a Peace Corps Volunteer from 2001-2002.  My family is from Wisconsin. Currently, I'm between D.C. and Denver.
Age: Birthday, 1979
Interests: Traveling, exploring new cultures
Contacts : My email address is

not photo
Name: Charles (Chuck) Stokke
City: Menomonie, WI USA
Age: 1929
Interests: Politics, Rotary, Menomonie Chamber of Commerce, Sister
Cities International
Contacts : email:  telephone: 715-235-4912
Fax: 715-232-9680 Address: 1320-12th Avenue East #117 Menomonie, WI 54751

not photo
Name:  Bill Richter
City: Menomonie, WI USA
Age: I am 13 years old. I am 8th grade at Menomonie Middle School. 
Interests: I am in soccer, swimming, boy scouts, and student council. I like to make things with my hands, spend time out doors, and be with my friends
Contacts : 

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